addCreatedFilter(GlideDateTime, GlideDateTime) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
Adds a datetime range to a filter.
addFilter(GlideFilter) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
addFilter(String, String, String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
Augment a GlideFilter using a name and a value.
addFilter(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
Add an encoded query to a GlideFilter
addFilter(GlideFilter) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
addJob(GlideRecord) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
addJob(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
addMetrics(Metrics) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
addUpdatedFilter(GlideDateTime, GlideDateTime) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
Adds a datetime range to a filter.
addValues(GlideRecord) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
attachFile(GlideKey, File) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
This method attaches a file to a record in a table.
autocreate() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.DatabaseWriter


BulkFetcher - Class in servicenow.community.soap
Used to fetch records from ServiceNow in chunks.
BulkFetcher(GlideTable) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
BulkFetcher(GlideTable, GlideFilter) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
bulkFetcher(GlideFilter) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
bulkFetcher() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable


callSoap(Element, String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.SoapProxy
cancel() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
cancelled() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
clear() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
CommandParser - Class in servicenow.community.sql
If the application is reading commands from a script file then this method is used to parse tokens in those commands.
CommandParser(String) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.CommandParser
commit() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.DatabaseWriter
commit() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
compareTo(GlideDateTime) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideDateTime
connection() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.DatabaseWriter
consume(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.CommandParser
CONTAINS - Static variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
CookieJar - Class in servicenow.community.soap
The CookieJar class is used to hold HTTP cookies.
CookieJar() - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.CookieJar
createdTimestamp - Variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
createTable() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
Create a table in the target database.


DatabaseWriter - Class in servicenow.community.sql
Contains the JDBC connection for an SQL database.
DatabaseWriter(Properties) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.DatabaseWriter
DEFAULT_CHUNK_SIZE - Static variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
defaultFrequency() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
deleteRecord(GlideKey) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
Delete a record from the table.
deleteRecord(GlideKey) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
displayValueDefinition() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFieldDefinition


element - Variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
encountered() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.CommandParser
Wraps the next token in quotes
end - Variable in class servicenow.community.sql.Interval
equals(GlideDateTime) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideDateTime
EQUALS - Static variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
executeStatement(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.DatabaseWriter


FieldValues - Class in servicenow.community.soap
The FieldValues object is used to insert or update ServiceNow tables.
FieldValues() - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.FieldValues
FieldValues(String, Object) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.FieldValues
fieldValues() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
filter() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideKeyList
filter(int, int) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideKeyList
finish() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel


generateCreateTable() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
generateInsert() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
generateUpdate() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
get(String, String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
Retrieves a single record.
get(GlideKey) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
Returns a single record based on a sys_id.
getAllCookies() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.CookieJar
getAllRecords() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
This method loops internally on the BulkFetcher until no more records are available.
getBaseFilter() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
getBoolean(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
getConnection() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
getCookie(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.CookieJar
getCreatedTimestamp() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
Get sys_created_on from a GlideRecord object.
getDate(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
Return a Date field as a GlideDateTime.
getDate() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.CommandParser
getDateTime(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
Return a DateTime field as a GlideDateTime.
getDefaultFrequency() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
getDescription() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
getDuration(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
Return a duration field in seconds.
getEndTime() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
getField(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
Get the value of a field from a GlideRecord.
getFieldDefinition(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTableSchema
getFieldDefinitions() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTableSchema
getFieldNames() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTableSchema
getFirstRow() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
getFrequency() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
getFrequency() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
Returns the frequency of this polling job in seconds.
getFullFilter() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
getGlide() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlFieldDefinition
getGlideName(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.NameMap
getGlideName() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlFieldDefinition
getInitializations() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
getInstance() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
getInt(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
getInterval() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.CommandParser
getIntervalEnd() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
getIntervalFilter() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
getIntervalStart() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
getJobs() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
getKey() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
Get the sys_id from a GlideRecord object.
getKeyFieldDefinition() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTableSchema
getKeys() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
getKeys(Parameters) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
getKeys() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
getLength() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFieldDefinition
getLogger(String) - Static method in class servicenow.community.soap.Instance
getLogger(Class, String) - Static method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
getMethod() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
getMetrics() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
getModel() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
getName() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFieldDefinition
getName() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
getName() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
getName() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlFieldDefinition
getNamespace() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
getParams(int, int) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
getParentName() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
getProperty(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.Instance
getRecord(String, GlideTable) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
If a reference field in a GlideRecord contains a valid sys_id, then return the GlideRecord to which the reference field points.
getRecord(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
If a reference field in a GlideRecord contains a valid sys_id, then return the GlideRecord to which the reference field points.
getRecords(Parameters) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
getRecords(GlideFilter) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
getRecords(String, String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
getRecords(GlideKeyList) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
getRecords(GlideKeyList, int, int) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
getReference() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFieldDefinition
getReference(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
getRunStart() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
getSchema() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
Returns the table schema as obtained from sys_dictionary when the class was instantiated.
getSchemaName() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
getSize() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlFieldDefinition
getSortField() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
getSqlCommand() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
getSqlName(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.NameMap
getSqlTableName() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
getStartTime() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
getStatus() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
getStatus() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
getTable() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
getTable() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
getTemplate(String, String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
getTemplate(String, String, Map<String, String>) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
getTimestamp() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
getTimestamp(GlideKey) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
Get sys_updated_on from the SQL table so that we can compare it with the Glide Record to determine if the SQL table needs to be updated.
getToken() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.CommandParser
getType() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFieldDefinition
getType() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlFieldDefinition
getUpdatedTimestamp() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
Get sys_updated_on from a GlideRecord object.
getURL() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.Instance
getUser() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
getUserName() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.Instance
getXML() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
Returns this object as an XML string.
GlideDateTime - Class in servicenow.community.soap
This class holds a Glide DateTime field.
GlideDateTime(String, DateFormat) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideDateTime
GlideDateTime(String) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideDateTime
GlideDateTime(Date) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideDateTime
GlideFieldDefinition - Class in servicenow.community.soap
Contains data type information for a single field in a Glide table.
GlideFieldDefinition(GlideTable, GlideRecord) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFieldDefinition
GlideFilter - Class in servicenow.community.soap
This class encapsulates an Encoded Query.
GlideFilter() - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
GlideFilter(String) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
Create a filter from an Encoded Query string.
GlideFilter(GlideFilter) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
Make a copy of a GlideFilter
GlideKey - Class in servicenow.community.soap
Thin wrapper for a sys_id (GUID).
GlideKey(String) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideKey
GlideKeyList - Class in servicenow.community.soap
This class holds a list of GUIDs (or Sys_Ids) as returned from a getKeys call.
GlideKeyList() - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideKeyList
GlideKeyList(int) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideKeyList
glideName(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
GlideRecord - Class in servicenow.community.soap
Contains an XML document (in the form of a JDOM Element) which has been retrieved from ServiceNow.
GlideRecord(GlideTable, Element) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
GlideRecordIterator - Class in servicenow.community.soap
An iterator used to loop through a GlideRecordList.
GlideRecordList - Class in servicenow.community.soap
An array of GlideRecords.
GlideTable - Class in servicenow.community.soap
Used to access a ServiceNow table.
GlideTable(Instance, String) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
The recommended way to obtain a GlideTable object is the Instance.table() method.
glideTable() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
GlideTableSchema - Class in servicenow.community.soap
This class holds the the schema or definition for a ServiceNow table.
GlideTableSchema(GlideTable) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTableSchema
GlideTableSchema(GlideTable, boolean) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTableSchema
GREATER_THAN - Static variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter


hasNext() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
hasNext() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecordIterator


IN - Static variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
increment(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.SoapMetrics
incrementDeletes() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
incrementInserts() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
incrementUnchanged() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
incrementUpdates() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
initialize() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.DatabaseWriter
Connect to the database.
insert(GlideTable) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.FieldValues
insert(GlideRecord) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
This insert method is only used when copying data.
insert(FieldValues) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
This is the normal method used to insert a new record.
Instance - Class in servicenow.community.soap
Main class in this package.
Instance(String, String, String, Properties) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.Instance
Instance(String, String, String) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.Instance
Instance(Properties) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.Instance
Connect to a ServiceNow instance using values from a Properties object.
InsufficientRightsException - Exception in servicenow.community.soap
InsufficientRightsException(GlideTable, String, String, String) - Constructor for exception servicenow.community.soap.InsufficientRightsException
Interval - Class in servicenow.community.sql
A pair of dates (start date and end date).
Interval(GlideDateTime, GlideDateTime) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.Interval
InvalidFieldNameException - Exception in servicenow.community.soap
InvalidFieldNameException(String) - Constructor for exception servicenow.community.soap.InvalidFieldNameException
InvalidTableNameException - Exception in servicenow.community.soap
InvalidTableNameException(String) - Constructor for exception servicenow.community.soap.InvalidTableNameException
isDefined(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTableSchema
isDisplayValue() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFieldDefinition
isEmpty() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.CookieJar
isEmpty() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
isReference() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFieldDefinition
iterator() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecordList
iterator() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTableSchema


JobCollection - Class in servicenow.community.sql
Contains a collection of jobs as loaded from a script file or from a u_datapump_jobset in the ServiceNow instance.
JobCollection(Pumper) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
JobController - Class in servicenow.community.sql
Contains methods to process DataPump jobs.
JobController(Pumper, String) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
JobController(Pumper, GlideRecord) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
JobModel - Class in servicenow.community.sql
Contains the representation of a DataPump job.
JobModel(Instance, GlideRecord) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
JobModel(Instance, CommandParser) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
JobOperation - Enum in servicenow.community.sql
jobs - Variable in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
JobStatus - Enum in servicenow.community.sql


key - Variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord


LESS_THAN - Static variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
load(HttpURLConnection, boolean) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.CookieJar
Reads all cookies from an HttpURLConnection and save them in the jar
loadFromTextFile(InputStream) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.NameMap
loadFromXML(Element) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.NameMap
loadJobSet(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
loadJobSet(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
loadJobSet() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
LoadMethod - Enum in servicenow.community.sql
loadSchema() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
loadScriptFile(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
loadScriptFile(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
loadScriptFile() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
log(Logger, Level) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
logFatal(Logger, String) - Static method in exception servicenow.community.soap.ServiceNowException
Static function to print an error to the log file and throw an exception.
logFatal(Logger) - Static method in exception servicenow.community.soap.ServiceNowException
logInfo(Logger) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics


main(String[]) - Static method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
match(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.CommandParser
MAX_CHUNK_SIZE - Static variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
Metrics - Class in servicenow.community.sql
Contains counters for the number of records inserted, updated, etc.
Metrics() - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
moreTokens() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.CommandParser


NameMap - Class in servicenow.community.sql
Contains a mapping between the Glide field name and the SQL field name as loaded from the fieldnames element of the sqltemplates.xml file.
NameMap() - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.NameMap
next() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecordIterator
nextChunk() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
nextRun() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
NOT_EQUALS - Static variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
now() - Static method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideDateTime
Get the current time.
numFields() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
numFields() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTableSchema
numJobs() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
numKeys() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
numReady() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection


operation() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
operation() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel


peek() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.CommandParser
pending() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
persistent() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
persistent() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
polling() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
polling() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
polling() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
postAll(HttpURLConnection) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.CookieJar
Write all the cookies in the jar to the HttpURLConnection.
postMetrics(Metrics) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
printMap(PrintStream) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.NameMap
processRecordSet(GlideRecordList, LoadMethod) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
properties() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
Pumper - Class in servicenow.community.sql
Main class and entry point for the DataPump application.
Pumper() - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
Pumper(Properties) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
PumperException - Exception in servicenow.community.sql
PumperException(String) - Constructor for exception servicenow.community.sql.PumperException
PumperException(Exception) - Constructor for exception servicenow.community.sql.PumperException
PumperParseException - Exception in servicenow.community.sql
PumperParseException(String) - Constructor for exception servicenow.community.sql.PumperParseException
PumperParseException(Exception) - Constructor for exception servicenow.community.sql.PumperParseException


readable() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
Returns true if records can be read from a table.
readFully(Reader) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.SoapProxy
readFully(InputStream) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.SoapProxy
readRecord() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
Get the pumper job record from ServiceNow.
readRefreshOptions(CommandParser) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
ready() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
recordsDeleted() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
recordsInserted() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
recordsProcessed() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
recordsUpdated() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Metrics
remove() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecordIterator
report() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTableSchema
report(Logger) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.SoapMetrics
reportMetrics(Logger) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.Instance
reset() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
reset() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
Set the Status of this job to Pending.
resetAll() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
resetInterval() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
resetInterval() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
resumeAll() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
run() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
run() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
run(GlideDateTime) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
runAll() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
runJobs() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
Run each job once, if it is ready.
runstart - Variable in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection


servicenow.community.soap - package servicenow.community.soap
Provides an API to access ServiceNow using SOAP Web Services.
servicenow.community.sql - package servicenow.community.sql
This application replicates data from a ServiceNow instance to an SQL database.
ServiceNowException - Exception in servicenow.community.soap
ServiceNowException(String) - Constructor for exception servicenow.community.soap.ServiceNowException
ServiceNowException() - Constructor for exception servicenow.community.soap.ServiceNowException
set(String, Object) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.FieldValues
set(String, boolean) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.FieldValues
set(String, int) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.FieldValues
setBoolean(String, boolean) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
setCheckAtEnd(boolean) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
setChunkSize(int) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
setChunkSize(int) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
setCookie(String, String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.CookieJar
Save a cookie in the cookie jar.
setDefaultFrequency(Integer) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
setDialect(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
setDisplayValues(boolean) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
setField(String, String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
setFilter(GlideFilter) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
setFirstRow(int) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
setFrequency(int) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
setInt(String, int) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
setMetrics(Metrics) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
setNameCase(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
setNameQuotes(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
setNoSort() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
setStatus(JobStatus) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
setStatus(JobStatus) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobController
setStatus(JobStatus) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
setURL(boolean) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.SoapProxy
setUseKeys(boolean) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
setUser(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
setUserCase(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
setValidate(boolean) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
setValidate(boolean) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.Instance
showHelp() - Static method in class servicenow.community.sql.Pumper
size() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideKeyList
SoapMetrics - Class in servicenow.community.soap
Contains metrics (records read, updated, etc.) for a GlideTable.
SoapMetrics() - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.SoapMetrics
SoapProxy - Class in servicenow.community.soap
This is a private class used by GlideTable to make SOAP calls to the instance.
SoapProxy(GlideTable) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.soap.SoapProxy
SoapRecordLimitExceeded - Exception in servicenow.community.soap
SoapRecordLimitExceeded() - Constructor for exception servicenow.community.soap.SoapRecordLimitExceeded
SoapResponseException - Exception in servicenow.community.soap
Exception thrown when there is problem decoding a SOAP response.
SoapResponseException(GlideTable, Exception, String) - Constructor for exception servicenow.community.soap.SoapResponseException
SoapResponseException(GlideTable, String, String) - Constructor for exception servicenow.community.soap.SoapResponseException
sortAscending(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
sortByCreateDate() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
sortByUpdateDate() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
sortDescending(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.BulkFetcher
sqlCase(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
SqlFieldDefinition - Class in servicenow.community.sql
Contains the JDBC/SQL type and the Glide type for a single field.
sqlFieldDefinition(GlideFieldDefinition) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
sqlGenerator() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.DatabaseWriter
SqlGenerator - Class in servicenow.community.sql
Generates SQL statements using templates from the sqltemplates.xml file.
SqlGenerator(Properties) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
sqlGenerator() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
sqlName(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
sqlQuote(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
sqlType(String, int) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.SqlGenerator
Return the SQL Type corresponding to a Glide Type
start - Variable in class servicenow.community.sql.Interval
start(GlideDateTime) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
startRunning() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection
STARTS_WITH - Static variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter


table - Variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
table(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.Instance
Returns a GlideTable object which can be used for subsequent interactions with the instance.
tableExists(String) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.Instance
tableExists() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
Determine if a table already exists in the target database.
tableWriter(GlideTable) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.DatabaseWriter
tableWriter(GlideTable, String, Metrics) - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.DatabaseWriter
TableWriter - Class in servicenow.community.sql
Used to read or write to a table in an SQL database.
TableWriter(DatabaseWriter, GlideTable, String, Metrics) - Constructor for class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter
toDate() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideDateTime
today() - Static method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideDateTime
Get the current GMT date.
toString() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideDateTime
toString() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideFilter
toString() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideKey
toString() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideKeyList
truncate() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel
truncateTable() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.TableWriter


update(GlideTable, GlideKey) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.FieldValues
update(GlideRecord) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
update(GlideKey, FieldValues) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
updatedTimestamp - Variable in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideRecord
useKeys() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobModel


validate() - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
validateFields(FieldValues) - Method in class servicenow.community.soap.GlideTable
valueOf(String) - Static method in enum servicenow.community.sql.JobOperation
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
valueOf(String) - Static method in enum servicenow.community.sql.JobStatus
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
valueOf(String) - Static method in enum servicenow.community.sql.LoadMethod
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum servicenow.community.sql.JobOperation
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
values() - Static method in enum servicenow.community.sql.JobStatus
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
values() - Static method in enum servicenow.community.sql.LoadMethod
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
verifyAtEnd() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.CommandParser
verifyTimeZone() - Method in class servicenow.community.sql.JobCollection


xmlToString(Element) - Static method in class servicenow.community.soap.SoapProxy
Returns a JDOM element as an XML string.