Provides an API to access ServiceNow using SOAP Web Services.


Class Summary
BulkFetcher Used to fetch records from ServiceNow in chunks.
CookieJar The CookieJar class is used to hold HTTP cookies.
FieldValues The FieldValues object is used to insert or update ServiceNow tables.
GlideDateTime This class holds a Glide DateTime field.
GlideFieldDefinition Contains data type information for a single field in a Glide table.
GlideFilter This class encapsulates an Encoded Query.
GlideKey Thin wrapper for a sys_id (GUID).
GlideKeyList This class holds a list of GUIDs (or Sys_Ids) as returned from a getKeys call.
GlideRecord Contains an XML document (in the form of a JDOM Element) which has been retrieved from ServiceNow.
GlideRecordIterator An iterator used to loop through a GlideRecordList.
GlideRecordList An array of GlideRecords.
GlideTable Used to access a ServiceNow table.
GlideTableSchema This class holds the the schema or definition for a ServiceNow table.
Instance Main class in this package.
SoapMetrics Contains metrics (records read, updated, etc.) for a GlideTable.
SoapProxy This is a private class used by GlideTable to make SOAP calls to the instance.

Exception Summary
SoapResponseException Exception thrown when there is problem decoding a SOAP response.

Package Description

Provides an API to access ServiceNow using SOAP Web Services.